Extreme Kits is a small company creating kits for Schools, Education, Groups and mad scientists. We have over 30 years in designing Electronics, PCB’s and software and have some great products, and more on the way.

Our kits fall into three categories:

Electronic kits A range of easy to build electronic circuit kits for schools, groups and clubs to make as soldering practice, or as a simple project.

Mechanical Kits Kits with a strong mechanical element, may also contain control electronics or interfaces to common single board computers.

High Voltage Kits Kits making or using high voltage and some will require external components to function.


Solenoid Engines (part of mechanical kits) Our very popular range of easy to build solenoid engines and solenoid motors.

We also hope to stock some common devices, components and equipment needed for general electronics.

Please check back soon, follow us on mastodon (preferred) @ExtKits@mstdn.social or twitter @extkits or sign up to our (infrequent) newsletter below to be the first to know about our new products.

Extreme Kits work closely with Extreme Electronics as our Extreme kits will draw from many of the projects featured on that site. But again making them suitable for a kit will take some time.

For up to date news follow @ExtKits@mstdn.social on mastodon.