Making your 150mm Van De Graaff Kit

Before making your kit, it is a good idea to wash your hands and work area, dirt and grease are the enemy of static electricity.

Remove the backing plastic from all of the acrylic parts, and ensure that all of the holes and slots are clear of remnants.

Select the 4 pieces to make up the motor cradle.

Slot them together,

to form a complete motor cradle.

Take the motor,

and a pair of leads, bend the ends of the leads as shown,

and insert into the two slots on the top of the motor.

(DO NOT put them into the rear of the motor as this will damage the motor)

Take the side piece shown,

and push into the slot in the motor cradle.

Push the motor shaft through the hole and seat the motor flat into the cradle.

Secure the motor with the cable ties.

Push the lower roller (hole shaped like a +) onto the motor, leaving a 1-2mm gap between the roller and the acrylic side.

Its is quite a tight fit, If its too hard to push on, try warming it slightly on a radiator or heater and push it on using the edge of a table top.

Take the lower comb, and cut a 10mm strip of foil, at least 15mm long

stick the foil onto the bottom comb trimming one side 1mm from the edge of the acrylic and leaving 10mm on the other.

Take the top comb and wrap a 10mm wide peice of foil right around the comb.

Trim the foil so the bottom of the comb has 1-2mm of foil proud of the acrylic.

Place the elastic band around the bottom roller, and insert the lower comb with the long peice of foil downwards.

Push into place the acrylic side

With the M3x25mm bolt secure the side and lower comb, screw the bolt into the hole in the acrylic, It should cut its own thread. When the bolt is in place stick the bottom piece of foil to the bolt.

take the 20mmx2mm axle and the top roller (circular hole)

Grasp roller with the elastic band, and pull to meet the 2 x 2mm holes in the acrylic. Slide the axle through to secure the roller. Ensure that the roller is free to spin on the axle.

Place the top comb into the slot and secure the axle in place.

Check that the foil on the top and bottom combs is close, but not touching the elastic band, a gap of 0.5mm to 1mm is ideal.

Place the metal sphere on top of the top comb and ensure it sits as far down as possible.

Congratulations you have completed your Van De Graaff Generator.