How to make your VDG Dome

First, cut a strip 10mm wide from one end of the foil. Set aside for use later. Take the plastic two part ball, the aluminium foil and a pair of scissors. A good craft knife may also be useful.

Cut the aluminium foil into strips roughly 10mm wide
Start at the top of the ball and stick a strip of aluminium foil down to the large hole. Ensure the foil goes all of the way around the hole.
Using another strip continue the foil around the ball.
Continue to add strips around the ball, smoothing the creases out with your fingernail as you go.
Use shorter pieces of foil to cover the segments that are left.
When the ball is completely covered score around the break in the ball, cut through the foil and carefully prise open.
place  a single strip of foil from the outside of the top of the ball around the inside of the ball, to give a strip connecting the inside to the outside.
Smooth out any creases or bumps with your fingernail and ensure the two halves join neatly back together.


Your VDG dome is complete