Diametric Magnets

Our Solenoid engines use a strong diametric magnet for position detection.

Please read the safety information below on the use of these magnets.

This magnet needs gluing into its holder with either super glue or a contact adhesive.
The holder can then be pushed on to the end of the axel of your engine.

Please read this carefully before using neodymium magnets!

Permanent magnets and magnetic materials, particularly materials especially neodymium, AlNiCo and ferrite are technical products that require special precautionary measures before start using them.
We kindly ask you to forward this information to all persons related to our products.
The company “Extreme Kits”, rejects any responsibility caused by improper use.

Do not leave iron objects such as needles, knives, tools in the vicinity magnets
The magnets can collide without control and damage other metal surfaces creating dust and splinters or cracking.

Keep electric devices and data cards away from the magnetic field

The magnets must not be machined, drilled or cut.

Keep the magnets away from open flame and heat!

The magnets have a coating of nickel, gold or zinc which by an improper use may be removed or damaged.

It is recommended not to put the magnets in contact with foods and beverages because of possible creation of metal ions in contact with water and liquid substances.