Running and safety of your Maxwells Cradle II

To start the Maxwells cradle II, remove the ball from the cradle.

Apply power, the LED will flash a number of times.

When this has stopped, put the ball at on end of the runner and let go.

As the ball goes past the coil, the LED should light.

The ball should continue to oscillate from end to end.

If the LED fails to light, or if the LED remains lit, please re-check the electronics and especially the connection to the coil.

If the ball comes to a stop, there are a number of possible causes.

Make sure the runners are really smooth and clean.

Make sure the cradle is on a flat surface, the ball should go equally from side to side. If the ball is spending more time on one side than the other, then your cradle is not level.

Do not polish the runners as this leaves a sticky film that will affect the smooth running of the ball. Clean with a plain detergent and carefully rinse off with a damp cloth. Ensure no detergent or water gets onto the circuit board.

Ensure that your power supply can provide enough current. The Maxwell’s cradle II requires 12V at at least 1.5A

Don’t run your Maxwell’s Cradle unattended.

If the coil or any part of the electronics starts to get hot, disconnect immediately and investigate the cause of the problem.