Extreme Kits was formed after a hobby started to accumulate PCB’s and devices that groups were asking to have access to for education (and other uses). The easiest way of getting these kits to an audience that would enjoy and learn from their construction was to open a small on-line shop.

Many of the kits have come from projects featured on the Extreme Electronics web site, That web site is dedicated to high voltage and is a hobby site. It is important for safety (and my sanity) to keep the two separate. Although there may be a high voltage project or too released 😉 watch this space.

If there is a bespoke project or any changes to an existing kit that you would like, please ask, but please remember, I have to cover the cost of my time.

Open Source

I will try to keep as much of this site as open source as possible, but I reserve the right to hold back on some details. If this is the case I will make it clear which parts of the kit are not OS. Some of what I intend to do has years of my work behind it and I would like to get some return before throwing the details to the internet.