Wimshurst Construction – Capacitors

Using the Guide sheet .
Cut two strips of foil 20mm wide
Cut the strips in to 50mm long pieces
Taking an acrylic capacitor plate and apply the foil as above
Flip the capacitor plate over and apply another piece of foil as above.
Take a second capacitor plate and apply the foil to that plate. Arrange the two plates so there are two pieces of foil at one end and so none of the pieces of foil are touching each other, as per the guide sheet.
Cut two pieces of foil so they will fit over the collector plates by 5mm on all sides.
Cover one side of the plate with the foil
Cut and wrap the foil around the plate so it is smooth all around. Leave a slight overhang (e.g don’t wrap the foil around) where the U shaped cut out is.
Smooth down the external edges
With a M3 x 10mm Screw and nut attach the capacitor to the collector plate.
Take a 2mm stainless rod and a silver ball.
Bend the stainless rod at 90 Degrees 10mm from one end
Glue the ball on to the end of the rod with a small bead of super glue.
Push the end of the rod into the larger of the two holes on the collection plate.