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Retro DVD/CD rewinder

You know that pain, you want to watch your favourite DVD or CD and find that the last person to use it has put it back in the case without rewinding it.

Of course you can put it into your drive and rewind it to the beginning that way, but wouldn’t it be better to be able to rewind it whist playing another DVD/CD ?

This to me is an already solved problem, years ago cassettes could be rewound with the use of a biro, or pencil and no special tools. Why not CD’s

So the answer was simple, make a 3Dprinted adapter that will fit into the centre of a CD/DVD and allow it to be rewound with a pencil or pen, just like a cassette.

A couple of quick 3dPrints later the DVD/CD Rewinder was born.

Taking less than 10 mins to print, and capable of rewinding a 2.5hour DVD back to the start in under 5 seconds (using a good quality hex shanked Bic) this is set to take on the competitors expensive (and usually gold plated) re-winders found on many HiFi web sites.

Available in a multitude of colours (depending what filament you have in stock)

Compatible with all hex shafted pens (with shafts of 7.5mm across flats +/-0.5mm) and most pencils. Will also work with DVD/RW and DVD/R up to 5.5 Gb

We have however noticed some compatibility issues with a small range of pencils similar to this below, and we are looking into the problem.

Because we are so good here, we give you free access to this invaluable tool.

3DPrint files for the CD/DVD Rewinder