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Building the Cockcroft Walton Multiplier (CWM) Electronics

Building the Cockcroft Walton Multiplier (CWM) Hardware

Circuit Diagram

What is a Cockcroft Walton Multiplier


The CWM take 4 x AAA cells. You can use rechargeables NiCad or NiMH , but you will get a lower output than using good quality 1.5V Alkaline or Lithium-iron batteries.

Never use more than 6V into the CWM.


Although the voltages produced by product are safe for humans, this is not true for any other electronic device. IT MUST NOT BE USED WITHIN 300mm OF ANY ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT. Also be aware whilst using the device you may pick up electrostatic charge, do not operate any electronics whilst using the device. You are a conductor.

Do not use if you have a pacemaker, cochlear implant or and electronic controlled medical device.

Does contain small parts and is therefore not suitable for small children.

This device is not intended to be run from an external power supply, and it is UNSAFE to do so.

This device should not be used to charge capacitors or external electrical storage devices.