Solenoid Engine Twin – Horizontal Motor Kit


A Complete Solenoid engine twin horizontal standing engine with acrylic frame, dual flywheels and two solenoid pistons. The Solenoid Engine is completely electronically controlled. This is the complete kit, and comprises Solenoid engine PCB, Solenoid Engine Hardware a battery box and two Solenoids.


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A Desktop twin horizontal engine with acrylic frame, two flywheels and two solenoid pistons. The Solenoid Engine Twin is completely electronically controlled. Piston timing comes from two opto sensor on the main axle and the speed regulation comes from the small embedded CPU. This gives a wide range of running speeds, and reverse direction, adjustable with a pair of push buttons on the top of the motor to increase/decrease/reverse the speed. The speed is regulated by ‘missing’ power strokes when the flywheels are moving over the pre-set speed. This is similar to the way a gas engine is regulated.

It is capable of running from 6-18V supply with an average current draw as low as 20mA, depending on the solenoid choice, speed and supply voltage.  Piston timing and con-rod length are all adjustable and there is provision for adding 12 x M5 nuts and bolts around the flywheel for added weight to aid smooth running (3 kits of 8 needed).  An LED indicates the solenoid output on each side of the engine.

This is the complete kit, and comprises  PCB,  Acrylic Hardware, two Solenoids and a Battery box for 8 AA Cells (batteries not included).  It makes a great desk toy, or as a teaching aid for any piston based engine class.

Please note:  This Kit Contains small parts and is therefore not suitable for children under 5 years old. This kit does contain nuts 🙂


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