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New Solenoid Engine

At last everything has come together for us to be able to offer our first electronic/mechanical kit the New Solenoid Engine. The Solenoid engine comprises an electronic drive and an acrylic engine which can be battery powered to run on your desk as a solenoid based piston engine.

The Engine control takes its timing from an opto-electronic sensor that gives the timing for the motor, it also allows speed regulation via a couple of faster/slower buttons on the rear of the unit. Outputs are also broken out from the control board from the sensor and the drive so the engine can be monitored by an external oscilloscope or computer.

This makes the Solenoid engine a great learning/teaching tool for schools or colleges. Or just a great desk ornament.

Supplied as a full kit, or as hardware only or PCB only.

And there is more… but that is coming later…

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