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Black Friday 2016


This year Black Friday falls on November the 25th … Apparently…
In the United states Black Friday sales start on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday 24th 2016, the day after has notoriously poor sales, hence the term ‘Black Friday’


We are a UK supplier. Black Friday is an American “thing”. We don’t have thanksgiving or the holiday that follows it. So Black Friday has no meaning to a UK supplier. Most of the UK highstreet stores will not be taking part, and we intend to follow suit.

SO ….

To That end, until the end of November 2016 we will be offering a “Black Friday Doesn’t Exist” discount of 5% off all orders. If you enter the code


at the checkout.

This applies across the whole range of items and is on top of our existing bulk deals. Grab yourself a deal on the official BLACKFRIDAYDOESNTEXIST month with Extreme Kits. Cheer yourself up after not eating or drinking too much at thanksgiving.

We are a UK supplier. BlackFriday is an American “thing” so to us BlackFriday doesn’t exist – So grab a bargain with the code BLACKFRIDAYDOESNTEXIST

To the Americans that may have had Thanksgiving day, the offer still stands. We believe that after events earlier this month, you could do with a little more cheering up too.