8 cell Battery Pack for AA cells or rechargables – 12V


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An 8 cell Battery Pack  that will take 8 1.5V AA cells giving 12V. Ideal for the Knocker and Solenoid Engine Kits. The connections are the classic circular (+VE) and serrated (-VE)  battery connectors found on many batteries and a suitable connector/wires are also available with a battery clip.

The holder will take rechargeable AA style batteries too, but be aware that the voltage of rechargeable batteries is different from the standard 1.5V cells. Also be aware that if you are using rechargeable batteries adequate ventilation  is required to prevent heat or gas build up during charging/discharging.

The batteries are securly held in with plastic clips and each battery has nickel plated contacts.

Size: 58x64x29mm


8 cell Battery Pack - 12v Battery holder
8 cell Battery Pack – 12v Battery holder